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 Programs currently in effect at B.P. Speed

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Riding my Tricycle
Riding my Tricycle

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PostSubject: Programs currently in effect at B.P. Speed   Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:40 am

HI All, sorry for the delay in posting times. As an avid car lover and family man, it's tough to get things accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.

Just want to inform everybody of the 3 different "Money Saving Programs" that have been offered at B.P. Speed since our open house.

1. B.P. Speed Centers “Discount Coupon Program” (DCP)

Purpose: To bring savings to the community to offset internet sales that have no sales tax.

Who is accepted: Standard retail customers paying sales tax.

What is needed:

• Form filled out with pertinent information.
• Name, Address, Phone number, Short description of vehicles (make, model, motor, trans, rear).
• When a purchase is made you must give your name and let employee know you are part of the program, so that your sales history can be tracked.

Here is the small print:

• Coupon cannot be used on MVP (Market Value Pricing) or similar program items. Certain manufactures will not allow their product to be sold under a certain price. This includes the use of coupons. (if in question please ask)
• Must not have a balance to receive discount (all sales orders must be paid in full)
• Can not be used retroactively on existing Sales orders.
• Customer must let B.P. Speed know when they have reached the goal amount to receive the coupon towards their next purchase.
• Program will stay in effect until changes are made to internet purchasing.

How the program works:

• Make your standard purchase with B.P. Speed Center.
• Once you get to $500 in sales (not including sales tax, shipping, labor) you will be issued a coupon valued at 6% of $500 ($30.00) which can be used towards your next purchase.

I am trying to get a sample of the coupon on here hope fully soon.

2. Car show discount coupon.

1. Must be registered to receive discount.
2. B.P. Speed Center must be labeled on vehicle plaque as primary part supplier.
3. Discount is one 5% off coupon.
4. Proof in the way of a picture of plaque and car during car show must be presented.
5. You will receive one discount coupon from each car show. Exp: You go to 5 different car shows
you receive five 5% discount coupons. Restrictions apply to MVP price items.
6. Must have picture of car show vehicle in front of B.P. Speed Center with plaque.(can be on trailer)

3. Racer discount coupon.

1. Must be registered to receive winnings.
2. B.P. Speed Center must be labeled on vehicle and in picture in winners circle.
3. Proof of win must be presented by way of facility website or official publication.
4. Moneys will be paid out to 1st place win only in the amount of $50.00 cash.
5. Must be a sanctioned racing event.
6. Must have picture of vehicle in front of B.P. Speed Center.(can be on trailer or in enclosed trailer)

Any questions please feel free to call Travis at (215)672-6730 during normal business hours except for Tuesdays (I am at home with my twins)
or email: bpspeed@comcast.net

I am in the works on a FullHouseMotorsports only program. As discussed at one of the meetings.

Thanks for looking.
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Programs currently in effect at B.P. Speed
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