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 Correct Injector Size Calculator

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Sir Charles
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On Two Wheels!!
Sir Charles

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Correct Injector Size Calculator Empty
PostSubject: Correct Injector Size Calculator   Correct Injector Size Calculator Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2009 4:18 pm

Correct Injector Size Calculator


Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC)

BSFC = LBS of fuel per hour / horsepower

(generalized as: 0.45=lean, 0.50=normally asperated,0.55=supercharged/nitrous oxide)

To figure injector size:

HP = horsepower

NC = number of cylinders

Injector Size = (HPxBSFC)/NC


300x0.50/8 = 18.75 or 19lb injectors

Duty Cycle = (DC)

DC = Safe Injector Duty Cycle

(Injectors are rated at 100% flow compacity, expressed 100% of their Duty Cycle. We need to adjust the number for the percentage of time the injector must be shut down between pulses to avoid damage. Running an injector at a flow rate of more than 85% of its Duty Cycle will damage the injector, in practice the injector should not be run at greater it's Duty Cycle in continuous mode.)


To Figure The Maximum HP an Injector Can Sustain:

Max HP = (NC x injector size x DC)/ BSFC


8 x 19 x 80%(or 0.80) / 0.50 = 243.3HP
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Correct Injector Size Calculator
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